About Us

Hangzhou Xinhua Machinery Company Limited is one of commercial catering equipment supplier in China. Since we established in September 2011,  supplying high&stable quality catering equipment and display case is our principle.  We aim to meet  your different budget needs .

We specialize in supplying  a complete range of Catering equipment and provide different solution for your display requirement. We supply high-end display showcase .装柜_00.png

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Our catering equipment covers two purpose : food cooking  and food process.装柜_00.png

Food cooking machine can meet different markets needs for fast food cooking .Such as  coffee shops, bakeries, bar shops ,even mobile food shop.They can make fries ,hot dog waffle,and crepe etc.

Food processing machine help chef  to treat food more easy and quickly.

They are used in hotel ,restaurant and hospitals ,schools and banquet center.For example ,Chicken Scalder and Chicken Plucker  can remove  poultry feathers in half hour .You can enjoy chicken or turkey soon .Meat mincer  and Meat slicer can make meat into slicer or meat paste according to your request .You can have köttbullar(Sweden) or Μπιφτέκιbifteki(Greece) for dinner .Our vegetable processing machine can help you a lot in peeling and cutting vegetable  into different shapes.


We supply high-end display case ,normal showcase  and customize showcase for you to keep beverage ,cake ,snack ,ice cream , dish and some special food ,such as hard liquor ,caviar and frozen durian.